Excellence in customer service

A training course aimed at qualifying those wishing to work in a position within the field of marketing, sales, or customer service. This program is the starting point for entry into this field. It provides the participants with the necessary qualification to understand and understand the basics of the field.

Course E-Marketing Diploma

If you want a professional in e-marketing, this diploma will definitely help you in professionalizing the marketing of products and services via the Internet. The course starts from the beginning level until the professionalization of the e-marketing arts

Details and axes of the Diploma in Professional e-Marketing

This training diploma has been prepared to be the ideal guide for individuals who want to start marketing their products and services via the Internet professionally, starting from establishing your presence on the Internet in a professional manner, and through how to reach customers inside and outside the country to achieve high sales rates and even to learn about export methods and how to reach customers outside the country to export Products. This training diploma does not require applicants any prior knowledge of the Internet or electronic marketing methods, it takes your hand from the beginning to the professionalization of electronic marketing in an integrated manner via the Internet.

Preparing coaches

Online training program to prepare trainers and lecturers, and train them to prepare training packages and develop delivery and training skills

Medical secretarial diploma and hospital management

Online training course to qualify learners to work in the various departments of hospitals and patient funds, in laboratories and radiology centers and in private clinics, and its work is related to the diversity of administrative and organizational tasks in dealing with medical files and records, and managing a medical office

Business Administration Diploma

The most powerful training diploma in business administration qualifies participants to understand and understand modern concepts and applications in business administration. And help them in accessing senior leadership positions in companies. It helps individuals who want to change their career path to the field of business administration.

Human Resources Management Diploma

Study employment, training, wages and salaries, conduct personal interviews, personnel affairs, the Egyptian labor law and social insurance, and include practical workshops, free forms and tools

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