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The Chamber of Commerce and Industry was established in Arar in the year 1403 AH according to the decision of His Excellency the Minister of Commerce No. 1316 and the date of 02/22/1403 AH and was then made up of thirty subscribers and three employees and then developed to have offices in each of the cities of Sakaka, Tabarjal and Qurayyat in the Al-Jouf region until the area of ​​Al-Jouf separated and became A separate room, as well as Qurayyat. After that, the Chamber expanded its activity and its branches and established two branches in each of Rafha and Turaif. It is worth noting that it succeeded in managing the Chamber from its inception until the present time to seven boards of directors. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Arar is located on the international road leading to the new port of Arar, and a modern building has been established for it and an exhibition hall and a center for training and administrative development for men and women.

Developing the economic sector in the northern border region and overcoming the obstacles it faces

To cooperate with the relevant authorities in boosting the Kingdom's exports through land ports in the northern border region. Attracting internal and external investments to the northern border region. Working to reduce unemployment rates in the region, especially among women. Create an appropriate environment for small and medium enterprises in the region to play a major role in achieving the desired development. Development of the chamber and raising its efficiency in serving the region's economy


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