Northern Border Zone

Northern Border Zone

Establishing the region:

Most of the major cities were founded by tapline company where the pumping stations of the company were built and followed by the construction of small residential complexes belonging to the company workers, these complexes have expanded and most of the basic facilities were built from hospitals, schools and mini-government departments, and this was the beginning of the era of Prince Mohammed bin Ahmed bin Mohammed al-Sudairi, founder of The City of Arar, Rafha and Tarif.

Geographical composition:

There are many valleys and plains such as Wadi Arar, Aba al-Qur, Hilali, Wadi Badana, hills and mountains such as the continent of Maatan, Talal shami, Al-Makus and Al-Khavis, as riyadh is also spread in the area where natural herbs grow. International from the north, Iraq, Turkey, the Countries of Europe, the west, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and the east the Arab Gulf countries.

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