National Health Committee

National Health Committee

To improve the health care industry in the Kingdom to become the best among its counterparts in the Middle East.

Improving and developing the performance of the private healthcare sector and raising awareness of its essential role in health development plans.

Promoting the private sector’s contribution to health development.
2. Unifying views between the National Committee and the corresponding committees in the Chambers of Commerce and Industry.
3. To contribute with the government executive shaping the systems and policies related to the health sector.
4. Participating in the study and review of the regulations and decisions in force related to the health sector.
5. Representing the Saudi private health sector in international forums.
6. Developing foreign economic relations and strengthening trade partnership with brotherly and friendly countries.
7. Developing the private health sector and following up its requirements.
8. Contribute to the development of a healthy investment climate and medical tourism.
9. Contributing to the localization of the workforce in health sector facilities.
10. Highlighting the role of the private health sector in the media and introducing it and its importance.
11. Monitoring and monitoring all internal and external health variables and analyzing their implications for society in the Kingdom.

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