National Trade Committee

National Trade Committee

Expanding the circle of business activity and adopting all means that contribute to supporting the trade movement and placing Saudi Arabia among the developed countries commercially.

“Working to develop the commercial sector in various related areas such as: technical, regulations and regulations, management, marketing, export, environment, and service to the Saudi community, through a variety of means such as: training, conducting research and studies, and working to examine the obstacles that “This sector is opposed and the right means to overcome it are in the interest of the sector, while at the same time in the public interest.”

• Contribute to the development of the trade sector, which is achieved as follows:
Preparing studies and research related to the commercial sector.
– Propose amendments to the regulations and instructions that the Committee considers to be in the public interest and submit them to the competent authorities for consideration of their amendment.
Providing information about the commercial sector.
Supporting programs to establish a new information transmission network or the so-called technology industry in the Kingdom, and adapt ing it to the local commercial sector.
– Discuss the problems of the sector in the light of the observations received by the Committee from the qualitative committees of the chambers of commerce or from the competent authorities.

• Increasing the contribution of the commercial sector to the service of Saudi society, and increasing the contribution of skilled national workers in this sector.

• Intensify meetings of Saudi businessmen and encourage participation in Arab and international meetings.

• Get a closer look at the results of the signing of the Agreement on the Kingdom’s accession to the World Trade Organization.

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