National Real Estate Commission

National Real Estate Commission

The real estate should be an effective industry, and a possible partner for various economic and social activities to achieve its objectives with the highest possible efficiency.

To build a well-developed real estate industry, taking advantage of the opportunities available, by providing a stimulating environment and activating the role of the relevant entities.

1- Contribute to the care of the interests of real estate professionals throughout the Kingdom and represent them before the concerned authorities – representing real estate in international forums, associations and similar international institutions to the benefit of this industry in the Kingdom.
2- Carrying out various activities and activities that will promote the real estate industry, develop its practice and tools and increase the professional profession of employees and actors in it.
3- Contributing to the preservation of real estate earnings as an attractive industry for Saudi and foreign capital. She is a trained and employed Young Saudi.
4- Working together and as an active partner with the official authorities concerned to develop regulations, laws and regulations that will increase professionalism and credibility in business and real estate investment.

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