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E-Marketing Diploma

About this training program

If you want to be an e-marketing professional, this diploma will definitely help you to become a professional marketer of online products and services, the course starts from the start level to the professional e-marketing arts.

Details and topics of the Diploma of Professional e-Marketing

This training diploma is designed to be the ideal guide for individuals who want to start marketing their products and services online professionally, from the establishment of your online presence professionally, and through how to reach customers inside and outside the country to achieve high sales ratios and even to identify ways Export and how to reach customers outside the country to export products. This training diploma does not require applicants to have any prior knowledge of the Internet or e-marketing methods, it takes your hand from the beginning to the professional electronic marketing in an integrated manner via the Internet.

Objectives of Professional E-Marketing Diploma:
At the end of the study with this diploma, the trainee will be able to:

Knowledge of E-marketing methods, tools and strategies and how to use them to market goods and services.
Make a marketing plan that fits the products and services you provide to your customers.
Learn how to solve problems in the marketing process and how to find alternatives.
Opening new domestic and international markets to export products abroad.

E-Marketing Diploma E-Marketing Diploma

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